Time Saving Tips for Busy Landlords in the Twin Cities
Time Saving Tips for Busy Landlords in the Twin Cities
December 20, 2020
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How to Create a Smooth Move-Out Process On Your Minnesota Rental Property

How to Create a Smooth Move-Out Process

As a landlord in the Twin Cities and beyond, it can be stressful to think about when your tenants move out. It’d be nice if good tenants stayed forever, but you can reduce the amount of work of a move out by being prepared (and not wasting any time getting a new tenant moved in). Here’s how to create a smooth move-out process on your Minnesota rental property, to turn move-out day from a headache into a high-five.


Make Sure Your Tenants Have Provided Notice

Your rental agreement should have specified the required notice your tenants need to provide in order to waive a penalty or fee when they move out of your Twin Cities rental. Have they given you enough time? If not, what does your lease say you can do about it? Communicate that clearly, if needed.


Provide A Move-Out Checklist and Paperwork

As soon as you receive notice, ensure a smooth move-out on your Minneapolis rental property by providing your tenant with a move-out checklist. This could include any of the following:


  • Your cleaning expectations, including removal of trash, cleaning appliances, repainting, and the like.
  • How to report damages.
  • How disputes will be handled, if damages are incurred.
  • Time and date for the final walk-through and returning of keys, etc.
  • Official time and date the tenant needs to have vacated the property.


Be Clear About What to Do About Utilities

If the tenant is responsible for the property’s utilities, they should have received instructions for discontinuing the service and final payments. It’s also a good idea to request the account number for the Minneapolis property in case you need to contact the utility company.


Agree on Showing Arrangements

Moving a new tenant in as quickly as possible is part of the reason you want a smooth move-out process! Make sure your tenant is clear on how and when you’ll be doing showings to find a new renter. Establishing a system for letting them know when you’re giving a tour is helpful to both you and your tenant, in Minneapolis and beyond.


Do a Final Walk-Through to Determine Damages + Finalize Deposit Repayment

Schedule and complete a final walk-through with the tenant, once they’ve cleaned and moved all their belongings out of your Minneapolis space. This allows you to discuss damages and examine the cleaning checklist, so that you and the tenant can part on good terms. Establish and understand costs (professional cleaning, if the tenant’s job isn’t up to par, repainting, repairs, etc.) so that you can accurately estimate how much of their security deposit they’ll receive via paper check, or direct deposit.


Maintain Contact

Get the renter’s forwarding address and contact info so you can connect with them if necessary.


Another option? Hire a property management team to do it all for you. At Twin Cities Leasing, we can save you time by supporting you and your tenants from the leasing process to the ongoing management of your property.