1When is the best time of year to start renting?
Good question! Spring and summer are generally the best times to list your property for rent. The reason for this is driven by tenant demand, which usually peaks every year around May. Typically some of the best tenants out there are those that plan ahead. We’ve found those tenants usually have better credit scores and are more organized, and we see them in the Spring and Summer mainly.
2Can I try to sell and rent my property at the same time?
Of course! What you’ll find when trying to lease or sell your property are listing agreements, which range from Exclusive right, Exclusive agency, or Open/Non-Exclusive. Open/non exclusive listings are generally a property owners best option, as it provides them with just that, more options. Open/Non-Exclusive Listing Agreements provide the most flexibility and greatest overall versatility for a property owner. One of the many reasons we’ve been so successful at Twin Cities Leasing is due to our high level of service, which is why we only use Open/Non-Exclusive Listing and Management Agreements. If you’re not happy with the level of service we’re providing, than you should be able to go elsewhere. Note* There are no cancellation fees in any of our agreements.
3What happens if I find my own tenant?
You found a tenant before we did? How can this be?! Sometimes property owners take on the task of finding their own tenant, or maybe they know someone personally. Either way, we can help facilitate the entire process for .5 months rent! We help you through the process from getting the background check done to signing the lease. If you’d like we can also do the move and move in inspection too.
4What is a move in orientation?
A move in orientation consists of myself or a representative helping the tenants get the utilities transferred over into their name/s. We also go over the basic terms in the lease. i.e. When rent is due, how to setup direct payment for the first of the month, etc.
5What is a move in/out inspection?
A move in/out inspection is an overall condition record for your property. We record video of the interior and exterior of the property, which consists of your Rental Rep going running appliances, opening drawers, flushing toilets, etc. This process is critical for property owners and tenants, as it gives us a baseline of what the property looks like and overall condition at move in/out. We’ve found that 1080p video with 60FPS (basically, 60 photos per second) creates the most transparency for both residents and owners, which is extremely important come deposition time. At the start of the lease we do a move in inspection. At the end of the lease, we come back out and do the move out inspection. Any differences in the overall condition are presented to the Owner. If there is a disagreement on an issue that may have presented itself during the Residents residency, then we go to the video/photos to compare.
6What do I do with the utility bills?

As a landlord you’ll need to transfer the utility bills into Landlord accounts with companies like Center Point and Xcel. That way the city won’t shut the gas or electrical off once the residents move out, which they WILL do, even in the middle of winter! Note* We recommend calling and setting this up once we list the property..

Your water and sewer utilities are usually through the city. You have a couple options here, but it all depends on what the city is willing to do. Some cities will allow you to switch the bill name into the tenants, while most others mandate the bill stay in the property owner’s name. We recommend a hybrid version of this. Keep the bill in your name and request a copy of the bill to be sent to us, the property managers, and another copy sent to the tenants. The tenants will be assessed the water and sewer bill for each month/quarter in hindsight, but you’ll be responsible for paying it each month/quarter. Note* If the water and sewer bill doesn’t get paid, the city can put a lien on your property through taxes, which is why we recommend this hybrid version.

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    Brenda O'Connell at TCL is awesome. So very helpful and informative. She is super responsive, very knowledgeable and gets things done.
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