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May 13, 2019
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May 20, 2019
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Become a Rental Rep

Become a Rental Rep

Do you have your real estate license, car, computer and want to earn extra income?

Looking to ride the next wave in Real Estate?

Find out why we’re the highest rated residential property management company in Minnesota.


  • Need a valid and current Real Estate Agent license in the State of Minnesota.
  • Agent needs to have a high level of “Willingness”, but not necessarily any “Readiness/Experience” in property management.
  • Strong emphasis on communication is required, which includes answering emails, texts, and calls.
  • Agent will be showing, listings, and communicating with residents, prospects, owners, and their lead property manager, who they’ll be training under.
  • Agent needs to have their own vehicle for driving to properties.
  • We’ll provide you with constant leads, but you’ll need to sign a non-compete/solicit independent contractor agreement.

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Ride the next Real Estate wave

We have the leads, but we need producers looking to help owners manage their residential investment properties. Our passive income property management business model allows agents the ability to generate fixed income each month, which in turn helps them hire their own staff and thus build out their business.