Jim – Owner/Broker
January 15, 2019
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Brenda – Rental Rep

Brenda – Rental Rep

What is your roll at Twin Cities Leasing?

I am a Rental Rep. I meet with Landlords/Owners looking to rent out their home and Residents looking to live in a home.

What is your favorite Real Estate/Rental moment?

About 8 years ago, when the “market crashed” I was showing an older couple a house in White Bear Lake. The wife worked in Real Estate and the husband was in Masonry. Both career fields were not making a lot of money, but the couple still tried desperately to stay in their family home, which they had purchased 37 years prior. They spent their entire life savings trying to keep that house, but weren’t able to – so they had to foreclose. As the wife pulled up to view this new home in White Bear Lake, she started to cry. I gave her a hug and told her I would do everything in my power to help her secure a new place to call home. When the couple applied, I sat them down with the owners of the home. We talked through why their credit was low, why they had no money left, and why after being an owner for 37 years, they had to become a renter. The owners were so touched by how I did what I could to present the FULL story instead of numbers and words on a background check, they offered the couple the house. To this day the couple are still renting this house and calling it their family home.

In 10 words tell me about yourself.

Funny, Hardworking, Mom of 3, Wife, Friend, Dedicated, Excellent Communicator.

What is something landlords/owners have to deal with that you want to fix?

Make this a personal relationship. We want the personal touch to come back. If something breaks in the house, we want the residents to be able to call us. If the owner needs something done at the house, we want the residents to work with us. We are all human and if we work together this Landlord/Resident/Property Management relationship will be great.

What do you enjoy doing, when you are not working?

Work. JUST KIDDING. I enjoy doing adventurous things with my family. Camping, Boating, Spending time at the family Cabin, or ice skating.

What’s your background in Property Management and Real Estate Rental Leasing?

I was a property manager for college housing in St. Cloud for 4 years, then moved to the Twin Cities where I worked for several different Property Management companies – MRG (no longer around – which was a partner of DRG – Downtown Resource Group), Twin Cities Home Rentals, TRI Home Rental (no longer around) and Renters Warehouse. I have also purchased and sold homes for Keller Williams. I have been a licensed Realtor since April 2010.

If you could have dinner with anyone; who would it be and what would you eat?

My husband, Brandon and 3 children. We would have s’mores around a bonfire in the middle of the woods!

What do you like about working at Twin Cities Leasing?

I love the business model that TCL has – we are not working for you, we are working with you for all your rental needs. The Personal touch we give our clients.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Coaching Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, Tubing behind a boat, 4-wheeling and camping.